Magic In-game

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Magic In-game

Postby muadib » Tue Jun 09, 2009 1:31 pm

[kjv]Leviticus 19:26[/kjv]
[kjv]Deuteronomy 18:10[/kjv]
[kjv]Deuteronomy 18:14[/kjv]
[kjv]Acts 19:19[/kjv]

I recently did a study of the life of Moses and in a few places it talks about the use of sorcery (i.e. magic). Biblically, the use of magic is tied to getting power from other gods/devils/whatever.

On one hand, you can say that since the Bible very clearly prohibits the use of magic, as Christians we shouldn't play games that have magic. Even though you might not believe that magic exists yourself, you might make others think that you do which may cause them to stumble.

On the other hand, you can also say that since we aren't really conceding the existence of any other god and that we don't really believe the magic exists at all that it's ok. Basically, the magic has no meaning for us and is only part of the gameplay.

Any thoughts on this?
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Re: Magic In-game

Postby popsoftheyear » Tue Jun 09, 2009 2:12 pm

I was wondering about this same thing (except with violence and killing, not magic) when playing Half Life 2 a few months ago. And then yesterday I was playing some penguinz game where you tote all kinds of guns and what not and kill other wintery creatures. Still not sure where I stand (perhaps it's just a desire to not let go of this fleshly fun), but what about a game I was reading about on recently? These indie developers are attempting to make an exotic game where all your goals are sex oriented. What about those rape games that were in Japan recently? Should we play those even though we don't believe in it? Is this even a gray area? Or do we make these things gray areas because we have a very difficult time letting go of certain things for Christ's sake? Then of course the discussion can branch off to tv shows and cartoons like futurama etc., and the kind of impact we have AGAINST Christ when non-believers hear us say things like "oh oh... you shouldn't be watching Simpsons... it's bad" etc., or the kind of impact we have AGAINST Christ when we say "oh no it's ok if you're mature enough to understand the difference, but it's not ok for my 3 year old". Is it REALLY ok for you if it's not for your 3 year old?

Anyway to me it's all a really gray area, but I'm pretty sure I've done this to my self for my sake, not for His (as I shoot penguins and hide the game from my kid). Good luck with this discussion... there is the potential for some pretty conflicting opinions especially when it comes to matters of the flesh that we don't want to admit are such.

Maybe we could all pray for the Lord's guidance for each other about this and to recognize and be willing to see if and where we are at fault?

God bless!
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Re: Magic In-game

Postby Matt Langley » Tue Jun 09, 2009 2:49 pm

The Old Testament laws say I shouldn't round the edges of my beard, but I do ;) Your first comment made a lot of sense, the context of "magic" in those are representative of people who actually believed they were getting power from other Gods and such... obviously in that context it becomes a very bad thing. In a virtual and pretend sense it would be silly to compare it exactly.
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Re: Magic In-game

Postby Mike » Tue Jun 09, 2009 5:03 pm

The key is how it feels. If it feels like a crazy power grab and encourages greed, or becomes obsessive that's not good.

In which case I am saying I agree it's context - now in the supers rpg I have written - magic works like super powers

except instead of having fixed powers of a certain level you can swap the power attached to the pool of energy.

Simple mechanics - to try to curve that - bad part of magic feeling.

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