App Sound Designer Needed

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App Sound Designer Needed

Postby Dlange » Mon Dec 02, 2013 12:45 am

Hey All,

I'm currently working with a friend on an ios game called Oh No Volcano! We haven't released any screenshots yet but you can check out some of the promotional art at our facebook pg at ... 7361002267

We originally wanted to launch in the summer but have been delayed and are currently looking for someone to do the sound design, in particular sound effects as neither he nor I have the time or experience in this area. As gamers we're both doing this for the fun of it and intend on making more apps and games in the future and starting a small studio under which to publish them.

Ideally we'd like to work with someone with similar interests and someone who'd be willing to collaborate on this kind of project. For me personally it's important to find a fellow christian, as we're considering future collaborations and a potential partnership. Anyone interested should have some experience in this area and knowledge of proper licensing for purchased sound effects as well as the ability to create them from scratch.

If interested please contact me at or get in touch through our facebook page for more details. Thanks.

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