Could a forum be turned into a game?

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Could a forum be turned into a game?

Postby brandav » Fri Aug 15, 2014 10:59 pm

Here is my idea of how one might look:

You enter the game world and are greeted with a pleasant sound and a message signifying you've gained new forum points while you were gone. Twenty people liked your post and upvoted it which has given you the points. Eagerly you head towards the Game Ideas Thread to revisit your last post. As you're navigating through the streets of the Design District, you notice the other forum members in the game. Some of them are standing around and chatting with each other, and others such as yourself are hastily running by.

Eventually you find yourself in front of an old, two-story building in the southern sector of the district. The building is sandwiched between two generic shops which both appear to be inaccessible. When you walk toward the building, a glowing UI message flashes across the screen reading "Game Ideas Thread". You enter the building and approach the NPC thread clerk who cheerfully congratulates you on the success of your latest post. He then goes into the usual thread clerk inquiries asking if you'd like to search the thread, create a new post, edit/delete your posts, view your posts' comments,or none of the above. You choose to 'search the thread' and flip through the latest posts, upvoting a few as you go. When you're finished, you exit out of the thread window, and select 'none of the above' to exit out of the clerk's inquiry loop. The clerk wishes you well on your journey and says to return soon.

Upon exiting the building, you consider where you should go next. You glance at the top left corner of the screen and realize you have enough forum points to buy the Thread Gloves you've been saving up for. Before you get a chance to celebrate, you hear a beeping sound and a notification window pops up on the lower right corner of the screen. You tap on the screen, and see that one of your friends sent you a message. She tells you that a new thread opened up in the Development District and you should go check it out. You pull up your world map, and sure enough the Development District is lit up and overlayed with a "New Threads" banner. You fire off a quick response to your friend letting her know you'll be there after you run a quick errand, and head toward the nearest item shop.

After purchasing the gloves, you head east toward the Development District with a smile on your face. The Thread Gloves allow players to create their own thread topics from scratch. Without them, players can only post to already created threads. Your friend is going to freak when she sees the new power you've gained.


This was fun to write :)

I think this could be a cool game as long as people don't get sick of running around to read posts (maybe there could be a teleport item or something). But the true motivating factor of the game is making good posts that people will upvote and earn you forum points that you can spend on new items and attire for your character.

Maybe the items could get more powerful until players have administrative privileges over the game like moderating the Districts or something. Only a few players will be able to attain the admin-type items.

Also, no combat or anything like that in the game. It's basically a social game.

Comments? Suggestions? Questions? Would something like this work? How would you envision a forum game?
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Re: Could a forum be turned into a game?

Postby EternityStar » Sat Aug 16, 2014 2:36 pm

Maybe you could grab some influence from Storium: ... lling-game

I love the idea and I can't wait to play!
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Re: Could a forum be turned into a game?

Postby TheLittleSettler » Mon Sep 08, 2014 11:54 pm

Actually, stack overflow was designed to make communication a game.

So, yes.

But regarding a 3D world to walk around in & etc. Interesting...don't think it adds much to it. But still interesting. I like the idea of character customisiation.

For some reason I keep thinking this would be a minecraft mod...
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Re: Could a forum be turned into a game?

Postby brandav » Sun Nov 02, 2014 1:45 pm

Yea I think the idea is more interesting than an actual game would be.

every game can be envisioned as a minecraft mod X)

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