I am looking for the best of the best.

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Re: I am looking for the best of the best.

Postby bugala » Mon Oct 27, 2014 12:56 pm

For more tips on this, I would recommend checking Christiandevs Speedgame games. You can find them from: http://christiandevs.com/news/?page_id=509

Couple of recmmendations from top of my head would be Mene-Menes "Impossible Alone" from year 2010: http://christiandevs.com/cdnspeedgame10/Mene,Adam/

, and winner game of that same year: http://christiandevs.com/cdnspeedgame10/Crossblade/

From this year you could give a try to Muadibs, in my opinion, best game of this year: http://christiandevs.com/cdnspeedgame14/TheReason/

TeamBIOs very short (maybe 5 mins to complete it) but excellently designed puzzle game: http://christiandevs.com/cdnspeedgame14/TeamBIO/

and also C3s C3: http://christiandevs.com/cdnspeedgame14/c3/ which looks like you are playing any normal game, but which ahs deep and cleverly done spiritual meaning into it.

Also, I like to point out that every once in a while there pops up someone who has "the best game idea in the whole wide world", and perhaps they all really do have, but since most of us are occupied with our own projects already, most of us are not very interested in joining to make "the best game in the world" if that is all we know about it, that in someones own opinion it would be thebest game in the world.

Notice also, that there are loads of ideas 6 feet deep, gone forever. Ideas that had changed the world, had they not decided to hold them for themselves to perhaps one day get them done, since the idea was is so good, and many times, it indeed is. However, as one guys signature says it "Ideas are worth a dime, execution is a king".

It is not that there wouldnt be great ideas even right now in this world that would change the world in great ways, but most of them simply dont get done. Easy example of this in bit similar way is that many a time the best technology (idea) didnt win. Videos originally BETAMAX was simply better, yet execution (VHS) won. In Computers PCs were the lousiest brand, yet, execution won again.

I am just putting these things in hopes you would realise that worlds best idea is not enough, and you would open up more about it. Otherwise, if your idea really is world changing, it might not change it, but end up 6 feet deep, like many other ideas have ended so far.

Who to contact. Well. Onlyone that comes to my mind would be leftbehindgames.com, I think they are only comapny with resources to check out ideas that come to them, and that might have interest in actually executing them. Hence. Make a thorough gameplan, and sent it to them, i think they will check it and they could perhaps get interested. I dont think there is any other christian company that has interest and resources to check out random ideas. And remember, it is not enough taht you send them the idea, they want preferably a complete, or at least complete enough plan that they can figure out how much it takes their resources and what it will look like in the end, and is there enough meat in the middle too.

You could describe super mario very understandably, but if you dont also send some level concepts, it is not enough.
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Re: I am looking for the best of the best.

Postby TheLittleSettler » Sat Nov 01, 2014 8:15 am

You've come here to find people that want to share the gospel with games. That's pretty sweet. :) We follow everything that's even slightly "Christian games" or "Christian devs". We've seen allot that claim to be different. Some are good. Many of them tell stories which conflict with gameplay. Often the gameplay is so-so. So tell us the game design idea & etc. *

Without knowing the design its impossible to recommend someone as we have no idea if you require a good 2D artist, or 3D. Likewise you may or may not need a programmer.

One other thing. By the sound of it, you haven't yet started development. I would recommend that you start prototyping with or without people, if you have the time to learn.

As for companies...My guess would be all of the Christian dev companies are developing their own games, and don't have the resources to simultaneously develop something else. But I'm sure someone here can point them out.

* We won't steal it. We're all too poor, and we have our own game ideas. Besides that, its probably not unique which would make theft quite impossible.

Oh...by way of apology I'm probably the most pessimistic person around here.

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