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workin on a game called Stone Heart...

Posted: Sun Sep 15, 2013 8:08 pm
by brandav
In my spare time I've been working on this game I'm currently calling Stone Heart. I've had several different ideas of how to approach the game, and I haven't completely fleshed it out yet. It's going to be a 2d platformer. The basic idea is that the main character is on a journey of discovery to find the cure for a cursed world. I'm trying to use a mechanic that allows the player to see objects (doors, items, chests, etc.) based on a meter of sensitivity. Players can see more with a higher amount of sensitivity. The mechanic is supposed to be a metaphor for our ability to notice God's guidance and influence in our lives based on our faith in Him and sensitivity to His presence.

The title also has some metaphorical meaning and is implying a complete loss of sensitivity to God or the Holy Spirit's calling. I want this discovery (or rediscovery) of sensitivity to be the deeper meaning of the character's journey.

As of now, the main character will be from another world, but he goes to the cursed planet for reasons that still need to be determined. The enemies are currently called Distraxors (like distractions)... does that sound lame? lol... I welcome any ideas

Here's the stone heart:
The Sacred Heart that once gave life to the planet has been placed under a powerful curse.
A perilous quest awaits the main character across the world's desolate landscape as he seeks to discover the cure and break the stone curse.

Re: workin on a game called Stone Heart...

Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2013 7:09 am
by mikale
I like the idea. Keep us posted with updates man.

Re: workin on a game called Stone Heart...

Posted: Tue Jun 24, 2014 11:48 pm
by brandav
Okay so I'll try to brush off some of the dust from this thread and provide some updates a little more often than every year or so.

I've actually been working on the game relatively consistently over the past few months (at a rate of about once a week), but i just haven't been posting updates since most of the progress is dialogue or story-related.. and I'm lazy. I'll try to do a better job now of posting updates.

So the main story hasn't changed, but I decided to throw out the sensitivity meter mechanic. Partly because it was too annoying/confusing to implement at the time. In its place I decided to push the metaphorical content as far as I could. By the end of the game, most players should have a pretty clear idea of what the game is trying to communicate from a spiritual standpoint.

Also, I decided to scrap development in Construct 2 and go for RPG Maker. I really want this game to get done, and I knew that trying to do the artwork myself would not end well. My lack of art skills would eventually be too glaring to complete the project. Finding an artist to work for free wouldn't be worth the effort. RPG Maker has a bunch of resources, so I'll take the risk of having the game look like another RPG Maker clone in order to finish it. I just hope the message will break through the banality of RPG Maker.

I'm using the XAS action battle system to replace the classic turn-based fighting system, so I'm hoping that will be a slight differentiating factor.

Re: workin on a game called Stone Heart...

Posted: Wed Jun 25, 2014 12:10 am
by brandav
"A long time ago, the Heart which is now encased in stone used to beat with vitality and vigor. The Heart supplied this world with life and energy. When the Distraxors attacked this world, the heart slowly stopped beating and eventually hardened to stone. It was disastrous. Without the power of the Heart, the world became a desolate place, almost uninhabitable."

This a quote from one of the characters in the game. I actually removed it from the game, because I decided to tell the story in a different format. But it gives a general overview of the conflict, so I thought I'd share it anyway.

Stone Heart has a journal-based feature where the player collects pages of the journal as they play the game. Each page gives deeper insight into the origins of the curse, the efforts to find a cure, and the desolate world the player is now experiencing.