Request Forum Rules and Regulations [Non-Game Projects]

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Request Forum Rules and Regulations [Non-Game Projects]

Postby CDNAdmin » Wed Nov 11, 2009 10:15 pm

Welcome to the Help Wanted: General part of CDN.

This section of the forums is dedicated purely for general requests only. If your request is game development related please post it in the Help Wanted: Games forum. If you post a game development related thread in here it will be moved or deleted without notification.

Starting Off:
First off, please read the CDN Rules and Guidelines thread and make special note to the 'General Posting Guidelines' section with the 'Properly Post' note. We want to have this request forum clean and easily readable.

Is this a PAID or UNPAID collaboration?
You MUST put a [PAID] or [UNPAID] notice before you put your subject name. Is your project a profit sharing venture after it's released? Then put [UNPAID/PROFIT SHARE]. Do you just need advice on something? Then put [ADVICE].

Naming your Subject:
What do you need help with? Do you need advice or something specific? Name exactly what you need in the subject line, as an example:

[ADVICE]: Problems with PHP Script
[PAID]: Require Programmer for Website
[PAID]: Looking for Freelance Artist for Application
[UNPAID]: Need Music, Art and Programming for GAMEX/RTS (name of game and genre)

Ready to Post:
So you've now narrowed down who you're looking for and now it makes it a lot easier for interested people to find your thread. You're ready to post your needs to the online world, however there's things you must keep in mind. First off, you're trying to attract people for their assistance, having the best presentation would draw them in the best. It doesn't matter if it's a PAID, UNPAID or even an ADVICE request, having a poor presentation turns people off and in the end they don't really need you. You're more or less trying to sell them on your concept, so keep it as presentable and attractive as possible.

Recommended Suggestion for Posting:
You need to completely understand what you're looking at wanting to do. You should at least spend a few weeks researching similarly created concepts and finding out how much work and time is involved. Having this knowledge will assist you on fine tuning your concept. As an example, lets say I'm looking at wanting to build a company website. I hit up Google and first research what I can do myself, there's plenty of free templates online and free website editing tools and tutorials, but maybe I need something specific, so I should research that to see what needs to be done.

Required Template for Request Posting
This template will dramatically reduce the amount of needless questions that will fill your thread and not get you the help you need. Since I'm looking at something specific for my site I should either post a [PAID] Looking for website programmer/artist, [UNPAID] Looking for programming/art help on a website or a [ADVICE] Looking to program a data base for my website.

This should be the logo of your company or the group you represent. If it's just you then you can skip to the REQUEST INFORMATION part and post the CONTACT INFORMATION at the bottom.

Your Groups Website
Your Email

I'm looking for a Programmer and Artist to help me with my company website!

WEBSITE INFORMATION: (keep this as short as possible describing the basics of the game)
Briefly detail what the site is about and what you're looking for in a design. Links to example websites is highly recommended. If you need something specifically done, then describe what you're looking for and point to some examples or tutorials you've found online that may help.

Here you post what conceptual drawings you done detailing out some of the more interesting key elements of the site. Each image should have a very brief and informative description. There's a ton of free image hosting sites online, when you post your images make sure that they're thumbnail sized with a link to a larger version. You don't have a scanner? Then you should go out and buy one, if you expect people to dedicate their time and their resources for you, then you should at a minimum sacrifice and dedicate equal or more time and resources as they do. Don't have a job or are too young to work? Then get a job doing something, get the money and dedicate it to your project. Don't expect people to do all the work for you, it's your job, as the designer, to detail out everything for them to follow. So they can turn your poor drawing into a work of art.

INFORMATION ON ME: (ask yourself these questions and post the results)
If this is your first website, with no previous experience, then maybe you should clear your mind and think of a very very simple to the point site to work on that you have a much greater chance on succeeding in. In some cases you may be able to do it yourself with a little time and elbow grease.

All Done!
Now post your thread and wait for the comments to come in. Answer any questions clearly, if your thread doesn't generate a lot of attention then don't get discouraged. Keep on working on detailing out the design, doing more art and making take a peek at what you could do programming wise. Update your thread with large non-textual based design updates. Do not 'bump' your thread by posting a 'anyone interested?' 'bump!' or any non-content based updates. This will show that you're actively working on the project, that you're dedicated and truly want to see it completed.

TL;DR Version: If you didn't read, understand and post according to the rules above we (as in the Admins) may delete your thread without any warning and point to this thread for you to recreate it.

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