Building Team for Morality-based RPG

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Building Team for Morality-based RPG

Postby Mherrera » Wed Jul 10, 2013 9:54 pm

I am building a team to create Character Quest, a 3rd person, single player, 3D turn-based Role-playing Adventure game being developed for the PC (Unity 3d game engine). Character Quest is primarily targeted at teenage gamers; the settings are intended to capture their imaginations, create a safe place to explore moral choices, leave them with a sense of confidence in their decision-making abilities, and ultimately give them tools to utilize in the real world based on sound principles.

I am looking for talented people to commit their time towards this endeavor. Work can be done remotely (at home) on your own schedule as long as you are willing to agree to reasonable milestones and regular communications via phone/e-mail/Skype. Specifically, I am looking for:

3D Character Modelers
3D Prop Modelers
2D GUI/Interaction Designer

I will be at the 2013 Christian Game Developers Conference on Thursday / Friday July 11th/12th to meet in person and answer questions.

Features of the game include:

Engaging Characters - Three Main Quests involving three character categories: Destiny Killers, who want to destroy your resolve, Caritas Cleavers, who want to keep you from a life of love, and Ne’er Do Wells, who want to destroy your integrity. Through these characters, Players deal with Procrastination, Fear, Pride, Impulsiveness, Narcissism, Ingratitude, Envy, Addiction, Hatred, Theft, Anger, Deception, and Greed. And by using analogy and anthropomorphic characters instead of graphic or suggestive subject matter, the content remains family friendly.

Simple Point and Click Interface - Aided by hints from Mentor characters, each quest begins by searching for real world objects that symbolize a virtuous concept (e.g. a Candle for Exposing Evil, Water for Forgiveness, or a Ring for Respect). Once found, returned, and verified by the Mentors, those objects are converted to Confrontation Insignias, buttons which the Player uses during “combat” to defeat (or perhaps convert) each character type.

Meaningful Dialogue - Next, Players must recognize the character type with which they are interacting. This is accomplished through dialogue and observing the character’s actions. Once confident in their recognition Players can “Exhort” that character, thus revealing its true identity. Be careful though, each Player is required to maintain his or her Reputation in order to obtain information and trade inventory items. Falsely accusing a character will negatively affect your Reputation while correctly assessing characters will improve it.

Innovative Confrontation System - Combat, which involves no blood or gore, consists of using different combinations of Confrontation Insignias to counter the Vice Attributes (e.g. Cruelty, which is countered by the Kindness insignia). As with any RPG, your opponent can fight back, damaging your Health, even possibly resulting (gasp) in your demise. On the other hand, being successful in combat improves your Reputation. Gameplay involves Players learning how to assess their own abilities to confront opponents of varying degrees, when to press on, and when to honorably retreat.

Challenging Play – Play proceeds through three Difficulty Levels, each unlocking the one after it, and exposing the Player to increasingly intricate obstacles: disguised or indeterminate character types, more opponents to confront, characters that flee or pursue the Player, dwindling inventory space, and less lives to count on if you mess up. And then there are the Puzzles of various types: audio cues, riddles, hidden objects, identification, logic problems, problem solving, and crafting. And not just puzzles that you solve once and move on, but puzzles that randomly reset the next time around, requiring different answers than the first time.

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Re: Building Team for Morality-based RPG

Postby bugala » Thu Jul 11, 2013 12:24 am

Sounds interesting plan.

When I read through your description, it seems there are couple of things you could peek at, since they overlap so much with your plans.

First there is "Pilgrims Progress" - game, which i personally think as being best christian game so far, not best as a game, but because it is able to transfer some profound christian teaching to the player through game. Mainly I was thinking this when you were mentioning about your battle system. Pilgrims progresses battle system sounded very similar to yours, that in Pilgrims progress you would face something like a monster called lust, and then you must attack lust with correct attack "Grace, Descipline, Faith...", there were also some other things there, things like i think Prayer etc. whcih you could use to boost your stats during battle to get more health, attack power etc.

The idea of battles was great in Pilgrims progress, but in practice it wasnt much. However, I believe that would be worth a look for you to compare to your own ideas and perhaps figure out what works and what doesnt.

Then there comes John Bunyans "Pilgrims Progress" - book itself and "Holy war" - book as well.

For when you mentioned "never do well"s, it sonded a lot like Bunyan approach to things. Like in Holy War forces of Emmanuel and Diabolus are fighting over town called Mansoul.

And then there are things like mountain grace, Ear gate, Eye gate, Captain Boanerges etc.

Perhaps you could find some inspiration from that one too. At least to me reading holy war (not completed reading it yet) have been real eye opener for one way to spread the christian message.

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