Is It Too Late for Smaller Developers on Facebook?

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Is It Too Late for Smaller Developers on Facebook?

Postby CDNAdmin » Wed Dec 19, 2012 10:19 am

Jay Aird, co-founder of social analytics company dystillr and Karma Gaming, examines how a small developer can grow in a crowded Facebook market.
Today, Facebook game developers find themselves in an increasingly competitive environment dominated by a few major players. Production values have gone up, as have platform and acquisition costs. It's a hits-based business where you need not just a great game to win, but also a deep understanding of how to use the Social Graph.

Given these challenges, is it too late for smaller developers to find success on Facebook? We don't believe so. What we believe is developers targeting Facebook need to spend more time thinking about the business of games and be more strategic in how they choose to compete.

A good starting point is with a thorough analysis of the Facebook market. In this feature, we'll provide a high level analysis of that market and explore techniques developers can use to quickly and efficiently determine where and how they can compete and come up winners.

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