Defender's Quest: Sales Numbers and More

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Defender's Quest: Sales Numbers and More

Postby CDNAdmin » Tue Feb 26, 2013 9:50 am

Indie developer Lars Doucet takes us back for another look at how his game has performed now that it's received a massive update and, in the process, landed on stores like Steam and GOG, detailing both his gross revenue and what, on the developer's end, goes into generating those numbers.
Three months later, we detailed the initial sales results in a featured Gamasutra article, Defender's Quest: By the Numbers. At the time, we had sold 13,846 copies and made $70,716 gross in revenue.

Since then, we've massively improved the game, with new graphics, bugfixes, balance tweaks, and an enormous update to both story and gameplay content with "New-Game+" mode.

As hoped, our big update and promising sales numbers were able to attract the attention of Steam, GOG, Impulse, Desura, and GamersGate. We launched on all five services on October 30th. Afterwards, we took part in every sales promotion we could, going with whatever discount rate the platform holder suggested.

It's now been three months, and it's time to report on the results!
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Re: Defender's Quest: Sales Numbers and More

Postby launcher » Tue Feb 26, 2013 1:16 pm

in short there group split like 120-140k dollars over a 2 year period (the distributors taking 20-30% each on average and minus 40k in expenses). which when broken down is 60-70k a year and devided by the group which if 4-5 members is pretty small, if thats there full time job?

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