Satire with regard to PR and the Gospel

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Re: Satire with regard to PR and the Gospel

Postby bugala » Wed Jan 22, 2014 2:30 pm

Have to say, that is an interesting approach.

One thing that does come to mind however is when you find silly things we do, that what kind of things they actually are? Because some of the things are like typical beginner mistakes in christian life (as non christian example, in Car School you hit break too hard) and those are good to point out always. But sometimes some things might not be so simple an issue.

For example I have just lately realised while discussin with B-O on another thread and he took bit of bibles foundation about how this thing actually goes.

That basically you could even say that our decision about New Testament books being Holy are based upon following:

We Believe in Jesus, then we trust that 3 of the gospels are right, since they were each wrote by one of the 12 disciples (4th gospel is based upn different reason), then we look at other letters that disciples and Paul have been sending to churches.

Since Peter (one of 12) mentions in one of his letters that Pauls letters are right and spirited, we accept them.

Filemon mentions that all scripture is good etc.

Anyway. we do have some basis on this decision, but all in all you could say that basically we are accepting these new testament books being holy, since one of the holy books in new testament says so.

What if we decide that one book which approves the rest (sort of), is not holy anymore, then the rest of the books wouldnt be holy either. And that you could look as being silly, but I would still argue it actually is not.

It really depends how you handle it, for as they say, Satire is a hard art.
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Re: Satire with regard to PR and the Gospel

Postby brandav » Sat Feb 22, 2014 8:56 am

I think satire could be a very effective tool in Christian games if used appropriately. In my opinion, it should be used to make fun of things that Christians do but shouldn't. For example, in the game I'm currently working on, I'm going to make fun of things that hypocritical Christians do. Ultimately, I will resolve the issues, and show how Christians should act. It doesn't help if you make fun of things that Christians should be doing.

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