SpeedCode 19: Black, White and Blue

Code a game, draw some art, design a gameplay mechanic based on a theme in 2 hours!

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SpeedCode 19: Black, White and Blue

Postby CDNAdmin » Sat Apr 06, 2013 7:00 pm

SpeedCode Challenge 18: Black, White and Blue

A game has either a WIN/LOSE (like Super Mario) or a SCORE/LOSE (PacMan) system and should have a significant challenge to be (subjectively) enjoyable.

The theme "Black, White and Blue" can be interpreted however you like.

Your game can be anything from text mode to 3d, so long as you can do it in 2 HOURS.

All entries must be submitted by APRIL 14TH.

Have fun and be a better coder!

For more information about the Speed Code Challenges, click here.
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Re: SpeedCode 19: Black, White and Blue

Postby TheLittleSettler » Fri Apr 12, 2013 10:48 pm



All the coding was done in under two hours. Gameplay tweeking would have been at least 40 minutes of that. I went over the two hour mark trying to find software to convert an image to an icon, but I don't really consider that part of the time since it was just a resource swap.

I originally had the idea to stack the shapes onto the circle but decided it would probably make no difference to gameplay.

Unfortunately its only windows, because I forgot that GM7 can only make exes. Next time I'll try out GM studio or something (that does do mac...right?).

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/vyv ... 6sLxQ&dl=1

Move the mouse left/right or up/down to rotate the circle (and because of the way its implemented, the closer the mouse is the faster that'll happen). The goal is to get the shapes in the right sections of the circle. Also, if you get one wrong it deducts a point.
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Re: SpeedCode 19: Black, White and Blue

Postby bugala » Sat Apr 13, 2013 12:52 am


That was pretty neat game.

Good idea you had there.

Basically there waerehowever two thing i would have liked. I would have liked that cetral circle to having been bigger. It was quite hard rotating that circle to right positions on quick situations since area space was such small.

And I would have also liked having timer telling me when time is about to end.

First game start speed seemed too fast, but at second try it felt like exactly right.

First game i got only 7 points (had 8 at max) second game i already got, i think it was 28.

Very good minigame to be put inside some other game.

Had fun trying it out.

Could have even levlels. First level slower and bigger circle, later vlevels faster and smaller circle and you would need to gain x level of points in 30 seconds.

You had good usage of black and white in this, and the non violent approach and all.

I myself havent got a single idea for the theme so far, so i think i will just skip making a speedcoder game this time.
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Re: SpeedCode 19: Black, White and Blue

Postby TheLittleSettler » Sat Apr 13, 2013 4:59 am

thanks for the feedback

ha! wow, I didn't even think of displaying the timer...how could I overlook that?

On the difficulty of it, they spawn completely randomly which I think is the main problem (but that was quick to do, and it served the purpose). If I work on it more I'll try some other options (I'm thinking a little scripting to make it so they don't come too close together, and so its always going to have the same number of shapes thrown).

I agree that the size of it is a problem though. I also want to try some different input ideas as I think that's another problem.

Might be cool to try some scripted levels where there's nothing random.

Plenty of ideas for me to explore.

After experimenting a bit with less random gameplay, I wanted to try to make scripted levels. Problem was, it would be way too tedious to make timelines for each level.

So, I came up with a novel idea of creating levels by clicking during the game, which stores info in a text file which is translated back into level data. I can effectively record the timeline.

Then I made 5 levels, and played it through.

But after all that I realize it was more fun to play when it was completely random! :lol:

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