What are you listening to, watching, reading or playing?

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Re: What are you listening to, watching, reading or playing?

Postby BlckHdGrl » Sun Nov 23, 2014 3:58 pm

Having a wee sci-fi stint at the moment re-watching the Firefly series and reading Daniel L. Newcombs Matakeo, on the second book now and I'm really enjoying a well structured story line - nice one d :) b. I will say that the first chapter posed a bit of a hurdle but thankfully I guessed quickly enough that the initial lead character had some mental incapacity and not the author!

Also just purchased the first book in the Redwall series to read with my eight year old (thanks mikale :).) I can't believe I missed this one! Beautifully written, the characters are engaging - my son is already enamored. I'm so glad there are as many books in the series - there are too few well written adventure stories out there that I'm willing to introduce him to due to the usual issues of magical/dark content and he loves to read, so these really are a G-d send, it's such a relief :)

Gamewise, I play mostly to suit my son who is eagerly awaiting our purchase of Plants vs Zombies on the X-Box for Christmas/Hanukkah. I guess this'll be the focus of our activities together for a while - should be fun :). We play Minecraft on PC almost exclusively which I enjoy well enough but have to admit I'll be glad to get a new game on the go!

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Re: What are you listening to, watching, reading or playing?

Postby 3darchitech01 » Tue Jun 13, 2017 2:42 am

Watching 3D movies and News ,listening Classic music, Reading news paper, Or playing cricket.


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