The MEGA LIST of Christian Developers & Games!

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The MEGA LIST of Christian Developers & Games!

Postby CDNAdmin » Sun Jul 18, 2010 12:15 pm

The Mega List of Christian Developers and Games!
(If you're a developer and you're not on this list, don't feel sad, just email me: and I'll add you. To qualify you need to have at least some ingame development screenshots of your game.)

If we expect to see our industry to grow we need to support (BUY THEIR GAMES), encourage and pray for developers who are sacrificing their time and money to try and put a game together. It's our own faults that the 'industry' is as small as what it is, yet all we do is mope around and lament about how some (free to play) MMORPGSIMFPSRTS should just drop from the sky and change existence as we know it. It makes me bloody well sick to my stomach.

'Oh' the whining continues 'Christian games suck'. Yeah, a lot of them do. So what are you gonna do about it? Huh? Pick a developer that has made a game that you like, or see promise in, and buy their game, tell your friends, build or become part of a community around them. This will allow the developers to continue with development; making bigger and better games.

For Amazing Card and Board Games:

Christian Games! Now! has a MEGA HUGE list of Pen and Paper Roleplaying, Card and Board Games available.

For Sweet and Quick iPhone/iPad Games Buy:

P1XL Games - Minimae - Critically Acclaimed Epic NES styled RPG!

FrugalSpark - CentHope - Physics based puzzler!

ROM12 Studios - Oh, Sleeper: Stand Your Ground - Side scrolling beat em up tower defense!

BlueGill Studios - OpenFire Gold - Pew pew tanks!

Soma Games - G - Touch based space ship navigation!

A Little BC - David vs Goliath and Davids Knockdown - Touch based arcade action!

Brethren Entertainment - Blockbusters

Digital Praise - aMazing Bible

Digital Praise - Cosmic Defender

Kurt - Pathology - Totally tiled turbulence!

weelittlegamer - Sir RolyPoly - Guide Sir Roly through 50 block maze puzzles on his quest to save the princess!

If you have an iPhone/Pad you must own all of these. Absolutely zero reason why you shouldn't.

Edutainment titles:

Graceworks Interactive - Buy The Parables Series - Interact with the Bible!

Sunday Software - Buy Jesus in Space - Experience the stories of Jesus life on 3 different planets!

Wisdom Tree Games - Huge list of Edutainment titles

Verse Vessel - Walk through the Bible one verse at a time!

Computer Science For Kids - Learn how to write your very own computer games using Microsoft Visual Basic, Small Basic, Visual C# and Java. BibleByte Books produces several self-study computer programming tutorials for Christian Schools, Homeschools and Computer Enthusiasts of any age.

The IFfy Bible Game - The ultimate Bible quiz game!

For Adventure and Adventure Platforming Games:

Hope Animation - Buy Pilgrims Progress: The Game - Fantastically animated side scrolling action adventure game based on the most well known Christian novel of all time. Fully animated feature length movie on Pilgrims Progress and other Christian stories also available!

White Knight - Buy Timothy and Titus - Sweet 3rd person adventure action title where you use two different characters to spread Gods word across the land.

Vertigo Games - Buy Adams Venture series - Take Adam across locations around the world solving puzzles, exploring ancient caves and discovering relics. Top notch visuals and gameplay presentation!

Rebel Planet - Buy AXYS - It's an amazing 3rd person adventure action title that mirrors the great Zelda/Link games of the N64 age.

Virtue Games - Buy Isles of Derek and Nacah - Classic Myst/Riven style of puzzle adventure titles!

Brethren Entertainment - Buy Light Rangers - Anime side scrolling action adventure!

The Travelers Guide - Classic Sierra-styled adventure game

JetSpice Games - Buy RPGesus - Your village is under attack by zombies, you play as a monk, kill those zombies and resurrect them, freeing them from the grip of the undead!

Wisdom Tree Games - Classic NES platformers

3rd Day Studios - Buy Kubey - Top down old school 3d platforming, collect the power cubes and get to the warp gate!

Digital Praise - Adventures in Odyssey

For Music and Party Games Buy:

Cloud 9 Games - Heavenly Harmony Karaoke and JAMBand - Sing and play with the greatest Contemporary Christian, Christian Rock, Christmas Classics, Praise and Worship songs!

Digital Praise - Guitar Praise and Dance Praise - Get your groove on and either dance or play to the Top 40 Christian music chart!

For Puzzle Games Buy:

DivineGames - Break-out the Bible! Love Break-out and Arknoid? Then you'll love Break-out the Bible!

Full Armour Studios - Walls of Jericho!

For Epic Single Player Role Playing Games:

Exodus Studios - Buy VASTAR - It's an amazing OLD SCHOOL STYLED SUPER NES STYLE ROLE PLAYING GAME. Like Secret of Manna and Breath of Fire.

Atomic Design Lab - Tribulation Knights - Play as one of the survivors of the end times government reign!

Rebel Planet - Orion - Explore the PRE-FLOOD world, unraveling the secrets of time before the purge!

For Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Games:

Heavens Blessings Tiny Zoo - Visions - SparklingVisions and team are working on the FIRST EVER SOCIAL SIMULATION CHRISTIAN MMORPG. It's specifically designed to cater to players who want to LIVE A LIFE IN ANCIENT ROMAN TIMES.

Ya Hero -- Bible based family-friendly MMO

For Racing Games:

Cougar Interactive- Zoo Race - Race as one of the animals from Noahs Ark!

Heavens Blessings Tiny Zoo - Buy Chariots - Race during ancient Roman times!

For Action Games:

N-Lightning Software - FPS Catechumen and Ominous Horizons

Saints of Virtue - 2.5D Scriptural FPS

ALL of these people are sacrificing to make these titles happen. Working odd jobs/shifts trying support themselves and (for some of them) their families. They believe in what they're doing, they need our help to fully realize and help it grow. In the end we WILL GET WHAT WE WANT, but ONLY if we HELP!

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