In Defense Of Religion In BioShock Infinite

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In Defense Of Religion In BioShock Infinite

Postby CPUFreak91 » Wed Apr 17, 2013 4:39 pm

What if I told you that Bioshock Infinite was the mostly deeply Christian game I’ve played in recent memory?

Some Don't Like BioShock's Forced Baptism. Enough To Ask For A Refund.
Before you can step into Columbia--before you can find out about Elizabeth and Comstock, before you … Read…

Because it was. And despite the patience I choose to extend toward Breen Malmberg, the man who returned the game, claiming that it would have forced him to commit “extreme blasphemy,” I cannot let his be the only voice Christian voice commenting on the title.

Of course, the game can be read on so many different levels. It is as complex or as simple as you want it to be. You can read it as a failure in its attempt to comment on game violence through violence. You can read it as a foolishly simplistic attempt at documenting the history of bigotry and racism. You can even read it as a gigantic, apathetic “MEH”; insisting that no ideological group has ever done anybody a damn lick of good.

It is, of course, all of these things—these shortcomings—and more. But in a more radical fashion, I want to share with you the myriad ways that this violent, AAA shoot-em-up has perfectly captured the subversive spiritual energy that first gave bloom to Christianity, the religion in which I was raised.
You can read the rest of it here: ... -475004169
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