new Humble Bundle has Multimedia Fusion 2 game creation kit

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new Humble Bundle has Multimedia Fusion 2 game creation kit

Postby bugala » Sat Dec 07, 2013 4:43 am

Newest Humble Bundle has Multimedia Fusion game creation software in it:

I have no idea, or any personal experience about Multimedia Fusion 2, but seems from humble bundles page (the Multimehdia fusion page is stuck, probably due to traffic overload from humble bundle) so i cant really check out what it is, but seems to me that it would be something like Game Maker (which i havent trid either) that you can make games without programming.

Since you can buy this game creation software even for as little as 0.01 USD, i guess its worth a check for those of you who are wanting to make games but dont know where to start from yet. I guess this could be very good starting point for making your own games using this.

Hopefully some other forum member with actual experience with Multimedia Fusion can tell more to rest of us about it wether it is good or not, and if it has its weaknesses.

At least by quick it seemed like it would be for creation of 2D games only since it mentions about "you can create any kind of 2D game you want".

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