2 days left 4 books free

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2 days left 4 books free

Postby randyness » Fri Apr 04, 2014 2:53 pm

For the first time ever Lamplight Media is offering free copies of all of our novels and Bridgeworlds: Soterion The Official Roleplaying Guide. It’s true that nothing is truly free, but all we ask in return is reviews on Amazon.
These books will be available for download Thursday the 3rd, Friday the 4th, and Sunday the 6th.
Keep Solstice

Rise of the Magi

Deep Flux

Soterion RPG

Of these books, I am most excited about Keep Solstice… A story of one man, his struggle against a legalistic up-bringing, his struggle to survive against all odds, and his realization of grace and what it means.

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