Wreck it Ralph.

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Wreck it Ralph.

Postby bugala » Sat Aug 02, 2014 2:26 am

Just watched Wreck-it Ralph: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1772341/?ref_=nv_sr_1 with my daughter.

Have to say, it would be so great if this had been made by some christian writers, as I can easily see multiple clever possiblities how to tell about some aspects of Christianity in very clever ways. The basis for a clever christian story are definetily there.

I recommend watching this movie to get some thoughts for your christian creative ideas.

as a movie, it is not as good as pixar movies, but it was still better than most other non pixar, pixar styled movies, and there was lot of video game stuff there. Much more than i expected actually.

However, two warnings if you plan to watch with your family. for there were two troublesome scenes in that movie that made me think I shouldnt have watched it with my daughter.

first there is this... I dont know the english word for it. But sort of this enchanting thing people say in certain places. Like football teams might shout "We are B, and that means Best - you can play us, and lose like the rest!"

So they had these anonymous bad guys meeting where bad guys from video games were talking about their feelings and they had that enchanting thing in the end of meeting which went "We are bad, and that is good. We will never be good, and that is not bad".

I wouldnt be so worried of that otherwise, since the plot anyway is going to break that thought somewhat, but problem was that it was so catchy, and although it is corrected in the end, Im afraid kid might rememebr that catchy words, and not the other part, since that other part was much harder to figure out, and not put so plainly and catchy as those words were put.

The more worrisome thing also happened in that anonymous bad guys meeting. For idea was that ralph was talking how he would want to be a godo guy instead of a bad guy, and the rest were sort of felling the same, but they were there to accept who they are, bad guys. By otherwords, watcher would feel sympatethic to these bad guys who arent that bad guys after all. That is not a problem, but which is a problem is, that in one of the scenes there, one of the bad guys revealed is some sort of satan, and he is shown as not that bad a guy either. It is very short moment, but I am still very worried of a scene like that. And yes, they do show him as something else, but even then I see it as a problem. For it went so that Ralph adresses him as Satan, and then he corrects hes name as something else, i missed what it was actually, but regardless, i think the association that comes from that couple of seconds scenery is: Satan, not that bad guy as they always show him to be, and that in my opinion opens up a gate.

Therefore, i recommend it for yourself to watch, but i dont recommend it to be watched with kids who dont yet understand that satan is all around bad and thats it.

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