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About: CDN Community Game

Postby CDNAdmin » Wed Sep 14, 2011 9:46 am

The CDN Community Game is where CDNers get together and build a game together. The point is gaining life experience by working in a team environment.

In the past the community has tried to formulate a open collaboration project for any CDNers to be involved in. This place has been setup exclusively for all the discussions and development of CDN Community Games.

+) Only one CDN Community Game can be in development at a given time. The Admin team can decide, based off of inactive development, if a project can be closed.

+) CDN Community Games must have a project lead that is agreed on by the CDNers who are involved at the start of development. If a project lead decides to leave the project, a new project lead must be agreed on by the CDNers who are involved with the project.

+) CDNers who are involved are not committed to the project. The project is a stew of contributions from anyone who wants to be involved. With that being said, if you're going to submit something to a community game ensure that it's the current best quality you can do. We also run bi-monthly Speed Art and Speed Code challenges to help you sharpen your skills.

+) Project leads of the community games have final say (sparing the Admins having to step in) for quality assurance and control over the project. Project leads must have community involvement in the project to discuss all steps of the project. These are community built games after all.

+) The Community Game design cannot contain extreme violence, sexual content, occult practices or bad language. While the design doesn't have to be Bible based or Christian-centric, we encourage Christian content (if not going to be family friendly) or family friendly content.

+) Contributions are entirely voluntarily, non-profit based. Contributions are the property of the creator only.

+) CDN Community Games cannot be sold.

+) Small scope design; a game that could be completed within 3-4 months.

+) Browser playable; so more people can play it easily.

+) Open source; so people can learn.

We're still hammering out the details for CDN Community Games and the road will most likely be a bit bumpy as we go along. Bear with us and feel free to submit ideas on how to improve the overall experience and accomplishing the end goal.

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