Community Game: Turn Based Tower Defence game with RPG.

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Community Game: Turn Based Tower Defence game with RPG.

Postby bugala » Sat Mar 09, 2013 2:08 am

I am running myself for a community game project leader.

A little background first.

I have been planning of making a small game to practice making some simple AI. Therefore I have been thinking of Turn based Tower defence game.

This have been on my step by step plan for quite some time, and I am about to reach that step where I am anyway going to start making it. However, I have all the time had the trouble with graphics, since i wanted them to look somewhat good, as I have all the time though this game to be done well enough that I can actually proudly release it for people to play.

Therefore this community project would be good match for me. I would get graphics problem fixed, and i could even forget about story and enemy designs etc. and just concentrate on coding (and leading).

About this idea.

As i told you, main idea with this for me personally, is to practice some AI making.

Therefore I decided to to make a turn based tower defence game. Idea is that enemies come, and you make defenders. Then you keep attacking enemies with these defenders (for example, traditionally it could be swordsmen, marksmen, mages...) trying to get their hitpoint to 0.

During battle, defenders that you raise to the battlefield, would get XP from attacking/killing enemies, resulting in reaching new levels (more HP, more Attack points...)

I did have a story for this game already, but I think we rather make a new one, so that people who want to participate in this can figure out a story for this game.

Basically waht I demand from this game is that it is turn based, tower defence, and has those rpg elements in sense that troops gain experience. Everything else, defenders, attackers, story etc. I leave for others to design.

I would like this game to however have some sort of biblical / christian story.

I will keep final word on everything, mainly because I want to keep this simple. Since my intention have not been to make this complicated, but a simple, sort of quick project.

I plan to get this finished before start of this years speedgame competition.

To ask Macks list of questions:

+) Who will be the project lead, what are the project leads qualifications (prior CDN Speed Challange or SpeedGame involvement, other work experience)

I will be. I have partifcipated in earlier speedgame competitions, never got a game finished in time. I dont have much to show, but about prjoject leading i do have some idea as I am running a christian music label in Finland, so i have got used to figuring out whos studio to use, who makes cover grapchics etc.

+) What coding language will the project use

Hollywood. This is the language of my choice, and benefit that this one gives is that game will work on all the following platforms: Amigas, Linux, Macs, Pcs, Android and iOS (not sure about current state of iOS wether its uptodate or not)

+) What engine will the project use (if not building one from the ground up)

Will make it myself, but map editor would be Tiled

+) How will you be managing source control and access to builds

As I am only one here programming with Hollywood (Lava being only other one who even has that), I would need to make compiled copies of progress every once in a while. However, graphics/sound/music elements can simply work by using existiing compilations and just changing the name of the files to replace exisiting graphcis to new ones.

+) Summarize the idea for the game

Turn Based Tower Defence game with 2D graphics with RPG elements of XP and level gaining.

+) Additional comments you'd like to add

I mam right now fixing things that i am in need to do on other things to make space for this project. By guess i would say about one month later I will have time to concentrate on this very well, but it might take longer (or even shorter) to fix all the things first.

Hence if I am chosen, be prepared that there might be a slow start, which we can propably cover by starting to throw story and ideas as that wont take much of my time as im mainly leaving those to others.

Communication would mostly be done through forum and emails, as I believe that will take least amount of time from me and make me able to concentrate more on the coding of the game itself. However, occasionally when it seems wise, we could meet on CDN chat. I believe for example at start it would be good to meet at CDN so you can make questions that you are wondering in real time.
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Re: Community Game: Turn Based Tower Defence game with RPG.

Postby launcher » Mon Mar 11, 2013 1:28 pm

:D i have a fairly intresting idea.

have the pearly gates as what the towers are gaurding.

obviously the non believers would get pretty offended if you shoot them trying to climb over the gates. so i was thinking have representations.

for example vampires, werewolfs, zombies, some suicide bombers, possibly female zombie like creatures that fire aborted babies back, like artilary.

perhaps have moses come out time to time and lay waste to them. if your in deep trouble angels come out, if your on the verge of losing maybe god comes out? if god comes out twice you get fired basically... heaven will never fail, but you will as its gate gaurd?
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Re: Community Game: Turn Based Tower Defence game with RPG.

Postby Ph0N37Ic5 » Tue Mar 12, 2013 1:49 am

Or you could have the tower guarding your heart, and have demons attacking.
You could for example have a lust demon trying to flank you and sneak in from the side, or a judgementalism demon trying to masquerade as a power-up.

Each level could represent a conversation with one or more people, you could even build a congregation. The more followers you manage to connect to Christ the more power-ups you get to stem the ever increasing attacks on your heart.

If a demon manages to enter, you will have to take steps to get it away, or you will start loosing followers, or heart depending on the demon. You could also have that once a demon is inside it will open up for other demons.
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Re: Community Game: Turn Based Tower Defence game with RPG.

Postby brandav » Mon Mar 18, 2013 4:38 pm

I like Ph0N37Ic5's idea of defending your heart against attacking demons. You could have some demons with ranged attacks that shoot darts of temptation that weaken your defenders' strength or arrows of subtlety that can lull them to sleep.
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Re: Community Game: Turn Based Tower Defence game with RPG.

Postby bugala » Tue Mar 19, 2013 7:25 am

I like both those ideas, but I like even more from that heart protecting thing.

Couple of ideas that came to my mind that could be explored.

ould the idea be for example life of John Doe.

At age of 3 John Doe broke hes mothers vase and lied he didnt. After that lie attacks him.

at age of 7 John Doe steals from shop and Theft attacks hes heart.

At age of 10 John Doe figures out a white lie and white lies attack his heart.

at age of 15 John Doe confronts lust and lust attacks his heart.


And in addition comes to my mind that could there be some sort of choices for player that before level of age 3 begins, player can choose wether he lies about the vase or tells the truth. If he lies, he is rewarded with something ingame, but at same time lie attackers will become stronger.

And similarlt all around that you can get out of situation by sinning, but you pay the rpice in long run by being more subject to attacks of that sin.

Also if lust once gets in your heart, it would do only small damage, but when more lust attacks happen, they hurt more and more, and attackers become stronger, for example faster, stronger or something.

It could also be interesting if you would have say some points at beginning of game to put on some things on john does life.

What im after is that for example in Master Of Orion 2 you could make your own race by giving it 10 points in different categories. Like plus 50 percent science cost you 2 points, or faster growth 3 points etc.

Similarly John Doe could have some advantages to pick at beginning of game, like Praying Granparent, Believer mom etc.

And then those would give some certain kind of advantages.

Anyway, just tossing some ideas that others can continue from.
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Re: Community Game: Turn Based Tower Defence game with RPG.

Postby launcher » Tue Mar 19, 2013 1:34 pm

might be easier to have it with no age? and be constantly comfronted with a bunch of sins and some repetitive? since its tower defence? or would it be more RPG?

also the heart in the bible was kinda frowned upon in the old testment, what lead people into lust and sin. i think more appropriate might be the soul? the more hits it takes from sins the more it fades, the more good you do the more it appears? if your soul dissapears you lose? and winning is based on a percentage, with 100% soul being the best, and less then that obviously is undesireable. :lol: chlesterol sounds more like a heart problem? :P
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Re: Community Game: Turn Based Tower Defence game with RPG.

Postby bugala » Mon Apr 08, 2013 11:19 am

As Mack just posted about community game voting to be closing next friday, I thought I would share a bit of my vision about community games making part to perhaps help you vote.

I believe in community game being exactly that, that whole community as far as possible should be able to get involved in making it and everyone should be able to get to see their hands products in final game.

Concrete example would be graphics.

I hope that everyone who wants to contribute some graphics to the game can. I know there is lot of variation between styles and skills, lets say for example take Launcher who only uses 3D and Samw3 who havent discovered there are more than 4 colors or higher resolutions than 96x96 pixels.

However, even it will make the game messier, I still want these both to be able to contribute to the game, as far as they are wanting to.

Although I do aim at making a good looking game, I aim even more to give possiblity for everyone to participate.

Therefore if everyones participation means slightly lower quality graphics, mainly because of different styles, then so be it.

I am actually thinking that in Tower Defence kind of game it is pretty easy for anyone to contribute in graphics as there are many different enemies. So one enemy can be Launchers 3D made attacker that actually has some movement, while next one can be Samw3s pixelised 4 color enemy with only 2 pictures of standing and hitting.

I am also hoping to give possiblity for those who want to work in director type of things.

Like one can be director of graphics, even he wouldnt make a single graphic himself. One can be director of music, once again, even he wouldnt make a single piece of music himself.

I think this kind of experience would be good for people to get too. That they direct the musicians and inform them what way they should do their music.

I will give more details at later point about what music director and others mean in practice and can do, supposing my game gets picked, but at this point I am just wanting to share my vision about making community game.

That my aim is to sacrifice some of the games quality to give everyone possibility to participate. For in my opinion Community Games target is to provide positive experience to everyone who wants to get involved, as far as it is possible.

edit: Oh, and almost forgot to mention.

My first time target would be to get game released at CGDC.

However, that might be too soon, but lets at least aim for it.

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