CDN CG 2014 -- Game Design

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CDN CG 2014 -- Game Design

Postby muadib » Thu Sep 11, 2014 3:50 pm

This thread is dedicated for the game design. As the design and implementation changes, this thread will be kept up-to-date. Not all details are known yet, but will be added once they are decided.

Current Working Title: Gates of Mansoul
- Submitted by EternityStar


"Gates of Mansoul" a real-time tower defense game with additional RPG elements based on the "Holy War" book by Paul Bunyon. It is set around the city of Mansoul. The city is in the kingdom of King Shaddai. However, an evil man named Diabolus and his minions infiltrate the city with the intent to take it over. The player, first, is deceived by the flattering words and attractive ideals of Diabolus. Mayor Understanding no longer sees the light. Judge Conscience forgets the law, and King Shaddai's own servant-lord Willbewill shifts allegiance. But King Shaddai does not relinquish the city to His enemy. He sends Emmanuel to retake it. Persuaded by Emmanuel, the player sees Diabolus' words are empty and his ideals merely lies. Then, proceeds, with the help of Emmanuel, to retake the city and restore it to it's former glory in the kingdom of King Shaddai.

There will be 2 game modes, 1) defend and 2) assault. Defend mode is the classical tower defense where waves of enemy units advance where the loss condition is a certain number of enemy units reaching a certain point. Assault mode is somewhat unique among tower defense games and can be a market differentiator. In this mode, the player will be selecting units to attack enemy defenses. The player units will advance with the win condition being to get a certain number of player units to reach a certain point


This game will be released for web, PC, and Android. There may also be a release for Amiga.

  • Shepherd (Bow)
  • Elder (Staff)
  • Orator (Wand)
  • Teacher (Sword)
  • Evangelist (Spear)
Units Attributes:
  • Damage
  • Range
  • Area of Effect
  • Movement Speed
  • Armor
Units Upgrading:

Units will be upgraded based on their unit type. The player will start off with 2 upgrades for each unit unlocked. An upgrade (right now) will just buff all stats on the unit. The player can buy the upgrade for that unit by spending SS. When the level is done, these upgrades get reset. Using SO, the player may unlock new upgrades for the units. The unlocked upgrades persist between levels and restarting the game. They are cleared when the player starts a new game.

Spirt Orb Upgrade Possibilities (selected when not in-level):
- Unlock new units
- Unlock new unit type spirit shard upgrades (in-level)
- Upgrade unit type base stats
- Unlock new player abilities
- Upgrade player abilities

There will be two resources, Spirit Shards (SS) and Spirit Orbs (SO).
  • SS : Spent to spawn and upgrade units, gained when the player units defeat enemy units, at the end of a won level the total SS is coverted to SO to incentivize defeating as many enemy units as possible, At the beginning of each level the player starts with a base amount of SS depending on which level is selected.
  • SO : Spent to unlock units, unit upgrades, abilities, and ability upgrades, gained when levels are defeated, persistent across levels and restarting the game, cleared when a new game is started
Attacker Waves:

Enemies will come in waves. The player will have the option to allow a wave to come early for additional SS.


The art will all be pixel-drawn 2D, not isometric. The grid size will be 8 squares high by 15 squares wide. The unit square will be 128 x 128. Currently using the LPC open source graphics for spritesheets, backgrounds, and GUI.

We will use the Romulus font from the following link:


The story will be told using comic-style cut-scenes.

Chapter 1 : ... -chapter-1

  • King Shaddai : Ruler of the Kingdom (God the Father), Male, compassionate yet just
  • Prince Emmanuel : Sent by the king to retake the city (God the Son), Male, passion for retaking Mansoul
  • Admin Spira : Gives provision to Emmanuel (God the Spirit), Female
  • Captain Resistance : Female, stubborn, bears a spear with chain mail
  • Lord Innocence : Male,
  • Mayor Understanding : Male,
  • Judge Conscience : Male, somewhat detached,
  • Servant-Lady Willbewill : Female
  • Diabolus : Enemy of King Shaddai who infiltrates the city, Male, Mighty Giant, King of the Diabolonians and a great a mighty prince, looks like a beggar, former servant of King Shaddai and put in charge of many things with greatness and honor and glory, attempted to assassinate Prince Emmanuel with a cadre of associates, King Shaddai banishes Diabolus and his associates from the kingdom, feels malice and rage toward Shaddai and Emmanuel, speaks with very flattering words
  • Forget-good : Right hand of Diabolus, chief propagandist, Female, boisterous
  • Antisiphone : Male, loner, rough and tough, archer
  • CarnalSecurity : Female, materialistic
  • Illpause : Old woman with very long hair, hesitant and indecisive, Diabolus' orator
City of Mansoul:
  • Walls and defenses so great that nobody can get in except by consent of the city
  • Since Mansoul can weather any siege, Diabolus decides to infiltrate with a small and elite group and assume a familiar form that is seen as wise, a teacher, cover intentions with lies and delusive words, pretend great love to the citizens, and Diabolus enters subtlely through eargate
  • All in Mansoul are innocent and susceptible to deception
  • Level 1 [Defend Mode] Player gains access to bowmen, swordsmen attack
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Re: CDN CG 2014 -- Game Design

Postby muadib » Fri Oct 31, 2014 1:20 pm

Updated 10/31
Kris Murray - Aspiring Game Developer
The Reason - Winner of CDN Speedgame 2014 "Best Christian Teaching"
Gates of Mansoul - Project Lead and Lead Programmer


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