There might be bug in show new posts.

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There might be bug in show new posts.

Postby bugala » Mon Dec 03, 2012 2:47 pm

Couple of times it have happened that I have visited the front page, saw some forum messages I at least thought being new, then i go away and later (maybe even another day) I finally go to Forum and choose new posts, and none of those i thought not having read were there.

Today however was different. This time I am sure "Show new posts failed".

For i visited forums earlier today, read all the (to me) unread new posts.

Then now, maybe 6 hours later, i come to main page, i see these messages about "looking for Xian Ios developer" and when i click to get to forums, I see only one new message there. I click that, and i get to "Decay of christian morals and caring" subject, and not to last message, but to first (to me) unread message, which was posted couple of days ago, and which I dont think have ever popped to my unread new posts messages before.

Have others been experiencing this too, or am i the only one?

I also have one possiblity where the problem might lie. For I have just started using Google Chrome, so it might have something to do with it. For I think this problem might have appeared about same time as i started using Google Chrome.

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