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Development blog: CrossBlade Games

Postby popsoftheyear » Mon Jun 29, 2009 7:11 pm

Hello everyone. This is the thread for Walking in the Spirit for 2 purposes (well 3).

1) It doesn't work on some computers. It seems the problem every time is old directx drivers. We couldn't include this in the distribution for legal reasons. SOOOO here are some links :) Sorry for any inconveniences!

DirectX (90-100 mb): ... laylang=en
While you're at it, this is the runtimes that practically all games will need in one way or another (it's only around 4 mb):

Microsoft runtimes: ... laylang=en

The necessary files are included with our game, but hopefully it'll fix any "please reinstall" or "installation error" errors from any other games submitted to this contest - it's a very easy thing to miss!

Last but not least, this site gives a quick explanation about why the correct directx runtimes couldn't be redistributed. ... plications

Also, this is almost an exact copy of another post, so if that's bad feel free to delete it moderators. I think it's helpful though not just to us but to other's potentially as well.

2) I guess we need a thread to put a link to our source onto. The source is in c++ and some of it could be useful so it's been put into the public domain for any purpose. Doesn't do much good if you can't get to it though huh?

3) I also wrote every day in a journal about this whole experience because this, for me, is the first time I've ever done anything like this! Both working with someone else, as well as entering a competition, as well as trying to make something from scratch in only 2 weeks!!!! So it may be an interesting read... maybe not... I don't know... but I'll post it here anyway just in case its useful to someone. God bless and good luck to everyone! I hope God does wonderful things with everything everyone did the last 2 weeks!!!!

-Scott (and cross blade games but if I said anything bad or stupid then it doesn't represent them in any way...)

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