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TheGameCreators - SpeedGame Sponsor!

Postby CDNAdmin » Fri Jun 27, 2014 9:12 pm

TheGameCreators have returned as one of this years SpeedGame sponsors!

Do you want to develop a first person action adventure game with massive terrian tools, physics, AI and easy LUA based scripting with a massive asset store library making it easy to populate your world with plants, buildings and characters? FPS Creator Reloaded is your ticket and can be yours as one of the prizes for this years SpeedGame!

You have an idea for a game but you're just starting out in game dev, you need something easy to use and that your friends can quickly and easily play on thier phones and notebooks. AGK Game Kit is what you need! Starting you off easy and growing with you as you learn, write your game once, then play it on your iPhone, Android phone and devices, Windows PCs, notebooks, Macs and Macbooks!


TheGameCreators is offering everyone who is participating in this years SpeedGame A FREE LICENSE OF AGK GAME KIT V1 to develop thier SpeedGame with and the MEGA PRIZE of the new upcoming AGK GAME KIT V2 ($150 value)!
Contact for more information!

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