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Re: Dev Blog | 316-games

Postby Berryijmker » Mon Jul 21, 2014 5:28 am

Finished the game, very happy with the result.

RomBot-109 is a puzzle typing game set in a fictional destructive world. Some parts of the game can be hard to solve. I only had time to do one level, but I will add more levels in the feature.
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Re: Dev Blog | 316-games

Postby b-o » Mon Jul 21, 2014 1:47 pm

I played all the way through.. nice atmosphere, Interesting use of the verse. You have to type fast! can't use shortcuts. I would like to see some surprises when typing things that aren't necessarily part of the game play.
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Re: Dev Blog | 316-games

Postby Berryijmker » Tue Jul 22, 2014 7:31 am

thanks b-o there are actually some things you can type that aren't part of the game play,
Spoiler! :
You can type "joke" to make him laugh or type "God" to let him say John 3:16
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Re: Dev Blog | 316-games

Postby bugala » Tue Jul 22, 2014 11:42 am

Time for review:

First of all, I believe your idea has potential. it felt like new kind of text game.

That first they made text games only, then they put some graphics to them and even put some of the actions behind mouse, a map perhaps or something, and now, this is a step to follow again.

It was quite refreshing to type your commands for a change again, and it didnt feel limited in way text games feel, since you were moving your rombot that way.

However, It didnt take long to get bored to typing left and right, and even gravity. I would suggest putting left and right behind arrows, and perhaps even gravity behind some button, depending how you plan ro use it. For one thing that came to my mind was that at the point where you were supposed to write gravity with right timing, it had actually been lot of fun had the necessity to do so become tighter and tighter.

That at start you can write it slow, and at end you have to write it as fast as possible. Perhaps as a bonus level? or as a bonus game mode you can achieve?

If you do something like that, then you should keep the gravity behind a "gravity" command still, but otherwise i vote for gravity button.

But do keep laser and rest behind commands (and get us more of those rest), for it was actually quite fun typing laser and then it to happen.

I liked the grapchis, although they werent as obvious as yo uwould think. For exmple at start i went towards the ship thinking that was the energy capsule, but right after going there i realised, that of course, thats the crashed ship. For a moment I wondered where does all that crumbles in air come, until i finally realised that there were actually some sort of thin walls that the rombot kept breaking while moving. Nice effect by the way.

Especially start felt bit too "taken from hand" approach, that there wasnt much to figure out yourself, but towards the end it became much more in way that you actually had to figure things out yourself, and hence the second half of the game was clearly better part of the game.

however, One complain were those lifts or whatever they were on which you were supposed to jump. I thought they were background animation, but luckily accidentally ended on one of them. Had i not accfidentally ended there, i might have had lot of trouble getting forward that place.

The message part was with quite simple approach but quite working. In sense that while it maybe isnt much of a message or reveal much anything for the members of christiandevs forum, I can easily see how this could be used in some churches open to all kids evening, and when they would play that game, they wouldnt figure out that its actually a christian game until very end, and it would be cleverly shown in that case.

But at same time I have to point out, that this game had some bit alienating effects to it. 1 - the need to type everything, 2 - the need to type too fast. That basically you had to be pretty good writer to be able to pass that gravity-gravity-gravity spot. Although, im not sure, if that could perhaps even work to its advantage in that before mentioned kids church event, since it might be that they would be competing against each other who can get past that spot and when someone would, everyone would come to look what happens next in that game and they would perhaps all see that final message and even comment it.

Very hard to say wether ti alienates or even works to its benefit without it being fieldtestet.

I ilked the graphics and sounds. They were very atmospheric. Also, the changing of music thsoe couple of times helped keep the interest to the game.

Right now, game is suitably lengthed, it couldnt have sustained more, since it didnt have enough beef for more right now, and it iwll be interesting to see what you come up with with next levels.
Will you have more commands to discover, or just the same. Especially if you just have the same, i wonder how it will turn out, since as i said, i already felt like it couldnt have been any longer than that (and it already was short).

By the way, as additional commands, you should have also used jhwh (or is it jhvh?) as one of hidden codes.

I was first wondering why is it rombot109, why not rom102 or something else to hin towards ROM12. until i realsied, ah, of course. its romans bot. Very funny and clever naming idea.

I believe this idea of typing and action combined together could bring somehing groundbreaking, something that people would be interested. I dont know if something like this perhaps even already exists, but for me this was a first time i saw something like this.

I do have noticed there are those zombie games exisiting where you need to type as fast as possible to survive, but that is different, since in them you get words to screen, and you type those words you see on screen as fast as possible. So basically all that zombie stuff is just background extra in those games, if i have understood right. They are anyway popular enough, that you can find them even from Steam.

I believe this basic idea has similar capacity in that it could raise interest for people to even buy it from steam, as long as you are able to pull it off properly. For sometimes you might have a groundbreaking game concept, but fail to figure out where to use it at. This one at least has that groundbreaking concept potential i believe, and you should explore it further.

All in all, a very nice entry. Nothing spectacular, nothing amazing, but very nice in a way nice is. Bit like a snack game. You dont excpect stake from a snack, and when snack is good, it is good, even its not clearly as good as a stake, but its not supposed to be a stake. They are two different things.

Thats what your game is. Very well done snack.

I liked it.

edit: I almost forgot to complain about one thing. After I accidentally got that page closed by pressing backspace twice (first erasing text, next time closing tab or something), I woudl have really liked to be able to skip the texts, it was very annoying having to go through the start demo again. If i could have just pressed enter to skip the text, that had been very nice.
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Re: Dev Blog | 316-games

Postby brandav » Tue Jul 22, 2014 12:38 pm

Nice work Berry! I agree with b-o that the game has a nice atmosphere due to the background and lighting effects. I liked the UI and robot narration too. I also agree with bugala that the typing system is an interesting and innovative mechanic that has some good potential. I would probably use it in addition to regular buttons, but it was cool to use typing commands to move around the screen.

As bugala mentioned, I did unintentionally go back to the previous browser page a few times when I hit backspace because I mistyped something. That might have something to do with the game losing focus when the backspace key is pressed.

Also, nice job on the cutscene at the beginning, because I know construct 2 isn't very helpful for making them.

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