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Re: Dev Blog | C³

Postby bugala » Tue Jul 22, 2014 11:53 pm

I played your game last evening and here are my thoughts.

First of all, what a great looking game, and all in all, quite some accomplishment in such a short time. I would say there was only one critical thing that was missing, a sword hit sound. With that, and especially with enemys being hit sound too, this had felt surprisingly complete. Now the lack of sound gets on your ear a bit. Luckily there is the bakcground music which luckily have been chosen well.

Lots of things I liked this game. Graphics obviously, into which I dont have much to comment at all, since they are simply beatiful.

Gameplay is interesting in that you use both keyboards and mouse, and also that you had two different attacks, the sword and shooting made the game interesting. However, I had bit of trouble figuring out how to actually get the shooting effective. I guess the ida was that by destroying stuff, it powered that shooting, right?

Also the aiming of shooting was quite unclear, sometimes I would hit the bad guys just by clicking on top of them (rarely), and other times even it looked like those balls hit them, they didnt. Therefore that was very confusing, especially when those suicide bombers came and you were in need of shooting some of them, and they would run towards you, which had been nice time to use the shooting if i just could have hit them.

It was also good that you had couple of different kind of enemies, and they even felt pretty different to each other. Therefore going from level to level, especially with a simple concept like this of killing everyone from the level, it made you excited about what will come to me on next level.

The last level I thought I was supposed to get myself killed, so I did, and obviously i was wrong, but what a good thing you didnt make me start from beginning, but i was just thrown back to same level. Very nice touch.

Not the mention that you did have a big boss there, which had some idea on how to actually beat it.

It was great that you were able to destroy the environment in the game. It added up a lot to the game. I also enjoyed that i was able to walk to the forest and each tree was actualyl blocking that small area of space each, isntead of just either preventing me from going there at all, or them simply slowing me down or something, but now those trees were actualyl real, and hackable.

Also great that not all things would vanish by hitting once, but some were destroyed in parts.

I also liked the idea about your main character and him having that vergaurd or what ever the name was (cant remember the name anymore)... hmm, I actually wonder could it have been verguard as "verse guard"?

It was very nice light effect that he would show you light when you moved your mouse pointer and would go around you all the time.

What comes to message part, I think this one had the Soulings Quest potential, but it failed to deliver it.

I actualyl got bit confused about the messages logic. What I undertood, I loved. But it had been greater had player been himself able to do some of the things.

For example when you mentioned of destroying the farm, that could have been that one of the levels had been on that farm, and you would have been forced to destroy that farm to power the verguard. That way the player had done it themselves, instead of things having been done in inbetween level scenes.

It was also great that verguard kept talking to you all the time, but you never understood him. And especially it was funny that before the end, your character even had conversations with him, obviously without listening to single word of his, which you would only understand at the end.

I liked the message, it was great, but it wasnt seamlessly delivered. The message itself was great, but I couldnt quite figure out how it had seamlessly went to your game, although I did understand some parts of it, like the idea that verguard was the Holy Ghost, that you thought you talked to, but never actually did, but once again, I cant quite figure out, why would Holy Ghost be powered by destroying things?

Also the idea that you yourself had brought all that trouble, while was great, it didnt qutie feel like "oh, i did that", since it was things that had happened already before player came in, and there wasnt enough info about it to feel like that me, the character had done all that.

But indeed, I think that message itself and the way it was presented and revealed in the end, had some Soulings Quest potential, but just failed to deliver it to the potential.

It was also great that you had understood to put the "number of enemies left" bar there, that was both very helpful, and made it much more exciting for the player to play, so you would know what you were supposed to do and could aim at it. Although It did take me until maybe elvel 3 before I actually understood what its purpose was, i first thought it had something to do with the verguards powerballs.

A great game in itself, considering its a speedgame, and only two real complains: missing sword hitting sound, and when the game ended, i couldnt get back to windows except by turning off my computer.

Great game with great message, unfortunately message didnt feel like it had been seamlessly delivered to the game.

Good job!

Edit: forgot to emphasis what a great symbolism you had in that game. Like verguard hovering around you all the time, showing you light, you having armored yourself completely... Great great great, exactly why i thought there was some Soulings Quest potential, that you had been able to put such a well working symbolism into the game that you would realise only at the end of game when player himself gets revelation.
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Re: Dev Blog | C³

Postby HanClinto » Wed Jul 23, 2014 9:41 am

Thanks for the feedback! It is very valued input.

In case anyone would like to play our game:
C³ v1.0 (original upload) - Windows
C³ v1.1 beta (amended upload, added music, minor bug fixes) - Windows
C³ v1.1 beta (amended upload, added music, minor bug fixes) - OS/X

Definite whirlwind of a development cycle this year, and I'm still decompressing from it and trying to piece together what went right and what went wrong.

Very glad to work with Charlie as usual, and I can't say enough good things about Chris. His level of skill, professionalism, and raw output numbers are impressive to say the least, and I can't get enough of his art.


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