Sketch.E's Speed Game 'Overcomer' Speed Game Blog

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Sketch.E's Speed Game 'Overcomer' Speed Game Blog

Postby sketche99 » Mon Jun 25, 2012 7:40 pm

My speed game, entitled 'Overcomer', is based around [kjv]Revelation 12:11[/kjv]. A young man who has backslid from the church, has a change of heart and searches to find his testimony before his time runs out. This young man must search the city to collect scattered bible verses to strengthen his faith in his own testimony before he dies.

The game takes place in a timed open world / sandbox type level, with a day to night cycle, with cars driving around and NPC's wandering around. Collect all of the scriptures before the time runs out for the good ending, if time runs out you get the bad ending.

So far, I have the level layout done, and I'm having either waypoint issues or collision issues with the cars and NPC's and if it continues I may remove them altogether. The game currently has a few glitches I'm trying to fix as well. I am also creating simultaneously both a webgame and an android build of my game. I have tested the preliminary android version on both an Acer Iconia Tab A500 and a HTC Evo 3D (without the stereoscopic 3D effect).
More to come soon...

Be Blessed,
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Re: Sketch.E's Speed Game 'Overcomer' Speed Game Blog

Postby mastallama » Mon Jun 25, 2012 9:54 pm

Nicely done! Does Unity export an apk file? If you'd like further testing, I have a Toshiba Thrive :-)
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Re: Sketch.E's Speed Game 'Overcomer' Speed Game Blog

Postby samw3 » Tue Jun 26, 2012 7:33 am

Looks like great progress! Nice job!
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Re: Sketch.E's Speed Game 'Overcomer' Speed Game Blog

Postby sketche99 » Wed Jul 04, 2012 2:40 pm

So today I finished my speed game.
I have to say it was quite the adventure. I had to start over or re-import assets into Unity 3D about 8 times during the course of development. Several days I was discouraged and wanted to quit, or just make a web game and forget the android port, but I pressed on and I have them both now. Its not perfect, but a lot of the bugs that plagued the game are gone or either pop up rarely. Gone are the 8 car pileups (although I personally thought they were kinda fun to look at), but you may see a 2 car collision here or there. The disappearing car body but car tires still moving bug is gone. However you may see a car decide that it wants to be a spinning top for no reason, but its rare. The NPC's no longer float in the air if you bump into them, and they manage to get back to their way-points rather quickly. In all, I'm satisfied with my output. Its a huge leap compared to my speed game from last year, and is available on multiple platforms no less.

I hope that this game helps someone in their Christian walk. Whether its from the 5 scriptures about Testimonies contained in the game or my testimony of not giving up while creating the game.

For those who'd like to play, you can now on kongregate:

mastallama here is a link to the android apk:

Any feedback on the game is welcome.

I'm going to try and figure out what to do now about another Christian game I made for the 2011 Intel Level Up Game Demo Contest. It didn't win anything, but the nice folks at Intel encouraged me to make a trailer for it for their Intel Superstars Competition.
I'd like to completely rework the game, but having a trailer done by next Friday, (the competition deadline) probably won't happen. I'm thinking I should skip the Superstars Competition and look towards something a bit more up my alley...
something like the 2013 Independent Games Festival...

Thoughts anyone? I'd appreciate it.

Be blessed and stay encouraged!

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Re: Sketch.E's Speed Game 'Overcomer' Speed Game Blog

Postby bugala » Wed Jul 04, 2012 3:06 pm

Man i hate Lava and the rest who try to distract those final hours away from you!

(actually i was thinking doing the same this year, but that plan failed when machine wouldnt get working until close to half the time had already went)
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Re: Sketch.E's Speed Game 'Overcomer' Speed Game Blog

Postby JoeJoeZ26 » Wed Jul 04, 2012 6:52 pm

haha I agree with bugala. why do you try to destract with your fancyful game!? :D

I'll definitely have to check it out when I have some more time...
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Re: Sketch.E's Speed Game 'Overcomer' Speed Game Blog

Postby Lava » Thu Jul 05, 2012 8:04 pm

I can't wait to try this out, reminds me alot of my own free roaming city project I started for the speed coder. Good job on finishing as well!
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Re: Sketch.E's Speed Game 'Overcomer' Speed Game Blog

Postby RobinH » Mon Jul 23, 2012 6:23 pm

I played Overcomer on Kongregate tonight.

I finished it first try, but with only about 43 seconds to spare. I like the general idea of the game.

Some things struck me as pretty odd, that should be easy to fix:

-You're running (or at least jogging) for your life, but walking pedestrians are as fast as you, or maybe slightly faster even!

-The timer runs down during the initial instructions and during the Bible verses, discouraging you from reading them

-But the timer stops when the UI pops up to "Pick Key1" - if the timer is going to stop at all, it should be when the player is reading the verses

-The UI to pick up keys seems completely unnecessary - you can't even choose to not pick up the key - I think it should just go directly to the Bible verse.
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Re: Sketch.E's Speed Game 'Overcomer' Speed Game Blog

Postby bugala » Tue Jul 24, 2012 1:39 am

RobinH actually alrady pointed some of the things I was going to point too, but maybe point then double.

Anyway, I yesterday played your game and heres wat I think about it.

First thing that strikes to me is the excellent graphics. One of the comments in congregate pointed out that you were using Unitys basic stuff which I can understand looks even annoying to someone who is seeing them for the hundreth time, but for me, I saw these graphics for the first time, and to me they looked fantastic.

I also liked how your own guy looked like and that he was running all the time. There was some character in the looks of your own guy.

The idea of running around looking for keys in simulated city wasnt bad either.

I especially liked the music. The choice of looks and colors and the music, they all in combination gave a very movie like feeling to the game that i liked. I also liked te choices of music you had took. They both worked very well.

It was also sort of fun to just watch around the city and see it around since it was somewhat lively city with people walking there and cars moving around and city even looked different in differnet parts of town, that it all didnt just look like city, but you were able to make distinction between locations if you paid some attention to it.

The other upview window also was interesting idea and made the game bit more interesting.

From bad things the first thing i like to point out is the same as RobinH pointed out. It doesnt encourage you to read bible verses, when time keeps running at same time. That is like punishing readng bible verses.

And to give you good example, my first game ended me seeing the last key in front of me. If i had not read those bible verses, I would have completed the game, but since I took those couple of seconds to read the verses, I got punished by being banished to hell.

How ever, the second game brough one of the good things again. For the fact that you had kept ceratin people walking around certain areas helped me find one of the keys, for I remembered the dog walker nearby the key, so when there were many parks around, i saw dog walker on one of them, and found the last key i was looking for.

Because there are no hints abot where they keys can be found, that basically the game is just randomly running around in hopes you happen to stumble upon a key (before you learn their places of course), the city is too big for that. There isnt enough content ingame to justify the size and longiness of the game.

I think city size should have been much smaller and time limit only 5 minutes and this had been a fun game to play.

For basically for first 3 minutes i was having good time playing this, but after that i got bored since i realised i was just going to be running around and hoping to be running to right direction and hoping to find the keys before time runs out since otherwsie i would need to play from beginning.

even when i had good idea about keys places the second time, it still took me 7 - 8 minutes to complete it. I especially disliked the part where the church building was. For i remembered there was key somewhere there, but running there took ages. That road is just too long or guy is too slow. Its not fun to just keep pressin up button for 1- 2 minutes to reach a place you know is ahead when theres nothing inbetween.

I also oticed the same thing as RobinH that youre guy is running for his life, yet normal walking people were as fast as him. Is he smoker with bad lungs or smoething?

This same thing also brought another thing to my attention. For when running behind the cars the cars speed was quite understandable. That you were able to run behind them, but they were anyway faster. But if you would compare that one of the city walkers would be going beside a car, now that would look silly. Car would barely go faster than people walking.

Collision with cars was bit funny too. Either your guy would go on top f them, or then you would sometimes be able to push the cars, which was quite funny.

I also found out that sometimes in the city there were invisible walls. That it showed that there were all the space in the world to go between two pbuildings, yet your guy would et blocked for no obvious reason at all.

The strangest spot was when there was this narrow passage between two buildings and i was able to get through it no problem at all, but when that passage ended, there came invisible wall that didnt let me pass left right or forward? It was like tha passage had continued and there had came dead end there, even the area was showing empty square behind the passage.

What I was really missing in this game had been jumping. This game would have been much better if there had been option to jump even if it had surved no other purposes at all but jump for fun.

However, actually being able to jump to roof tops and from rooftop to rooftop or something like that could have actually made this game fun.

It would have also helped if there had been some hints about where the keys are.

Also the picking up key option was completely unnecessary since that was the only option available. and going to menu to items and bhaving option to "use key" was only confusing.

I was thinking when i get all 5 keys i need to open for example the church door using them (which had been slightly fun actually), but now i only wasted couple of seconds more trying if they were usable and ended up seeing the last key in front of me when time ran out.

It was also a false promise of something better to come that didnt.

Christian message interpretation I see as maybe even good. For basically the whole story is of christian story, and the message is quite clear. The christian content just gets dmished a bit thanks to the short comings of the game otherwise. But I think the basic idea about how to show the christian message wasnt bad at all. This could well work in much much larger and content richer game.

Plus it was nonviolent game too.

All in all, to put it short.

Basic idea of a game of hunting keys with bible passages in simulated city isnt bad at all. However, since there were no other content in the game, the size of the city and longness of a game wasnt justified.

It looked great, and I liked the music, and I liked the overall movie like feeling of the game.

There were some bugs and oddities, that I would consider as acceptable. What this really was needing was more playing content (hints, jumping to places, using keys, something), with more playing content even with current bugs and oddities, this could have been real fun. Now it got bit boring lasting too long. If this haad been playable in 5 minutes, it had been at least okay, maybe even fun experience. Now it was even slightly boring experience.

But I do like to point out that this is nothing to be shamed of. For even with its shortcomings, It is still something worthy, especially for a competition like this.

The kongregate release comments are quite interesting observation by the way. For it is quite interesting to see how harsh (supposedly) nonbelievers actually are towards someone making a christian game. For it seems they are not giving any understanding to shortcomings on those comments. But at same time it was interesting to notice that game had been played over 500 times. I dont know how this calculated, that was i calculated twice for example, but we can safely say there have been at least 100 people playing it, and it might be even 300, and 11 even took time to comment about it, although all negatviely.

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