CDN CG 2014 -- Announcement

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CDN CG 2014 -- Announcement

Postby muadib » Thu Sep 11, 2014 10:24 am

To all interested in the CDN Community Game,

After the speedgame competition for 2014 concluded, I realized how much talent there is on this forum of people doing programming, artwork, story, and everything else to make fun and exciting games. Having come across the community game I immediately started talking with Bugala about what's been going on. He's done a great job doing research and putting a lot of effort into what kind of game this should be. But in talking with him I think there things I can do to help this project make progress and actually be completed so we can release this game.

With Bugala's recommendation and complete support, I will be taking over project leadership. Again, I would like to thank Bugala for all he has done so far, and want everyone to know he will still be a major developer on this project. In addition, I have gathered the support of other developers from the speedgame competition who will be committed to the completion of the project.
  • Bugala (Samuli)
  • Brandav (Brandon)
  • achild (Scott)
  • Dylenbrivera (Dylen)
  • muadib (Kris)
We've already met several times as a team over voice chat and have been making progress with the design and a prototype. There are several big changes we're planning and I will cover them here:
  • The game will be in Unity and C#. There may be an additional port for Hollywood/Amiga, but that will be completely independent of the Unity/C# port.
  • Design and Implementation decisions will be made by the committed developers on Trello or by every other week meetings. The role of the community will be to support the project by helping implement specific work items given by the committed developers.
  • Workflow is being managed using Trello. This is where we are currently discussing most of the design decisions and will be tracking specific implementation items.
I will post the design of the game as we've agreed so far in another thread. For you, as a someone who wants to contribute, there will be a lot of work with art, music, animation, and programming that needs to be done. I will create another thread where people can post their interest so we can accurately plan what can be given to you.

Here is our mission:
Glorify God by working together to complete a fun Christian game.

As the project leader, it is my job to keep us focused on all 3 points here. First, we glorify God and Him the credit for all the gifts He's given us and depend on Him for every need we have. Second, we fulfill the prayer of Jesus Christ to be united and work together to advance His kingdom. And third, we produce the fruit of a completed Christian game by abiding in the will of our Lord.

It is my hope and prayer that we can all contribute and grow our skills as game developers as we produce this fruit.
~muadib (Kris)
Kris Murray - Aspiring Game Developer
The Reason - Winner of CDN Speedgame 2014 "Best Christian Teaching"
Gates of Mansoul - Project Lead and Lead Programmer

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Re: CDN CG 2014 -- Announcement

Postby bugala » Thu Sep 11, 2014 11:00 pm

Thought to write a bit more about this leadership change decision to those interested.

After Speedgame Kris instantly contacted me about the community game and expressed his interest in being involved with it. He also talked with couple others who were interested in joining the project and as they were interested in participating in coding part as well / especially, it came obvious that if this would be done so, then we couldnt use Hollywood language anymore as the sole developing language, as I would be only one who had got used to using it.

As I had mentioned in couple of Community game topics that I was anyway planning to rewrite the code, this was therefore also good spot to change the language.

Since language was changed, and I am not very good at any other language but Hollywood, and seemed Kris was able to get others to join the board anyway, It was my view that in this kind of project the chief manager should be someone who also understands and can program with the language that the game is developed.

Hence I decided to ask if Kris would be interested in taking the lead instead of me, and he agreed.

I am not going anywhere from the project, I am still heavily involved with it, and also plan to continue doing so. It was just a decision based upon what i thought would be best for the project and make it most likely for the project to get done.

Since I am no more leader, it also gives me possibility to involve myself more heavily in some other parts that i originally didnt think i would be involving myself at, due to concentrating on leading the project.

I can also happily tell, that Kris have done a very good job as a leader so far. He have got other people to seriously join the project and he have also got somewhat detailed plans about how to move with the project. We have also had phone conferences (well - skype) about once a week.
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Re: CDN CG 2014 -- Announcement

Postby Berryijmker » Fri Sep 12, 2014 7:39 am

Nice to see you are making a game together, keep us updated :)

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